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Below is a selection of latest news items detailing what our clients have been working on in the recent past, what they are currently working on and what they will be working on in the near future.

View Tanya Vital Profile

Tanya Vital plays Kim in the new series of 'HAPPY VALLEY'' and plays Lorna an episode of 'DOCTORS' and plays a recurring character in 'BRIEF ENCOUNTERS'.

View Joseph Wicks Profile

Joseph Wicks plays Benjamin in ITV's new series 'MARCELLA'.

View Richard Clements Profile

Richard Clements begins his performance in 'NORTHERN STAR' at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast.

View Phoebe Lewis Profile

Phoebe Lewis plays Jemima in the UK & European tour of 'CATS'.

View Abigail Anderson Profile

Abigail Anderson directs new Gonzo Moose show 'GREAT SCOTT' currently on tour.

View Johanne Murdock Profile

Johanne Murdock has recently filmed a guest lead in 'HOLBY CITY' which is due to air later this year.

View Isabel Pollen Profile

Isabel Pollen will play Isabelle de'Arc in upcoming TV series 'JOAN OF ARC'.

View Neil Reidman Profile

Neil Reidman appeared in the 2nd series of 'DETECTORISTS' as 'Dr Michael Tendai'

View Kane Verrall Profile

Kane Verrall is currently touring the UK as Rolf in 'THE SOUND OF MUSIC'.

View Calum Sivyer Profile

Calum Sivyer features in Oscar winning short-film 'STUTTERER'.

View Terri-Ann Brumby Profile

Terri-Ann Brumby has appeared in series 2 of 'CATASTROPHE' on Channel 4.

View Suzann McLean Profile

Suzann McLean plays Ruth in the new SKY series 'YOU, ME AND THE APOCALYPSE'.

View Simon Wright Profile

Simon Wright recently appeared in a recurring role in 'EMMERDALE' and Derren Brown's 'THE PUSH'.

View Helen Russell-Clark Profile

Helen Russell-Clark has filmed a role in the next series of 'THE FIVE' for Sky.

View Tom Malmed Profile

Tom Malmed plays Young Brian in the new SKY 1 series 'LIMITLESS', produced by Bradley Cooper.

View Una Byrne Profile

Una Byrne plays Amanda in the tour of 'HELLO/GOODBYE' by Peter Souter.

View Alexis Loizon Profile

Alexis Loizon has a role in Walt Disney Pictures 'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST''.

View Norma Atallah Profile

Norma Atallah has a role in Walt Disney Pictures 'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST' and appeared in THE SOUND OF MUSIC LIVE on ITV this December as 'Sister Berthe'.

View Theo Poirier Profile

Theo Poirier joins the cast of 'THE TEMPEST' at the Erasmus Theate playing the role of Ferdinand and Gonzalo.

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View Joe Allen Profile

Joe Allen has been a part of the original cast of 'CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY' (Theatre Royal Drury Lane) for the past 3-years playing Mr Gloop.

View Richard Emerson Profile

Richard Emerson appeared in THE FIRST MAN performed at the Jermyn Street Theatre this Autumn.

View Matty Cardarople Profile

Matty Cardarople has just completed filming on 'SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBE APOCALYPSE' and 'BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS'. Matty recently appeared in blockbuster 'JURASSIC WORLD'.

View Jessica Ellen Profile

Jessica Ellen currently plays Gloria in 'THE GLENN MILLER STORY' touring the UK.